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Use our cut to chase fulfilment & 3PL prep services and embrace the ease, freedom and cost-efficiency of FBA/FBM or D2C. We offer fast, seamless, and secure services to save your time and effort.

Our Warehouse contains the latest technology machinery and tools needed to stay on top of the market and face challenges with packaging and shipping

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Let Us Handle your Suppply Chain so you dont have to worry

Shipping time is critical for ecommerce. Staying on top of it can be challenging when you are busy. Before You know it, things Start to Slip and those delays can cost your real business Money


Amazon & eCommerce Integrations

Save Time and Make money with technology that helps you sync your supply Chain. Our Service Quality is focused on providin seamless and efficient Amazon and eCom integrations


New to the FBA Process? We got your back

It is challenging to run a successful FBA Business For Newbies. And even if they understand everything that needs to be done, they don’t have the time or resources to do it

Our Service Offerings

Learn to Sell on Amazon


Drop Ship

Virtual Office Space


Hand over your sourced products, and let us handle the FBA compliance nightmare for you. Just think! No More getting around from place to place, from supplier to supplier, from station to station to take care of everything from receiving goods to promptly shipping and delivering products to your customers.

Our Expertise will help you achieve the level of success that your talent distates. Don’t let your business drown in the sea of online shopping. Let US prep Serices be your lifeguard by keeping your customers satifaction paramount


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Why You Should Choose Us

US Prep Services provides efficient, quality services performed by experienced personnel. The Staff of US Prep Services is fully dedicated to providing our customers with detail oriented services with unparalleled precision and dependability to get reapeating customers. US prep Services takes the worry out of our customers’ Pep and shipping – and our quick turnaround times guarantee prompt delivery.

For Ease of our Customers to find the right products we have affiliated with wholesale companies carrying top brands so customers can shop and ship with ease and focus on growing their business.

We Believe our customers success is our success!

Customer Satisfaction


Let's Move Your Products 10x Faster Than Competitors

Say Goodbye to missing your prime selling season and delays due to non-compliant shipments. US Prep Services can help retailers handle orders of any size at any time of year. The Sky is the limit for you once you are in the game.

US Prep Services is an establishment dedicated to providing the highest standardd in warehousing & Distribution. Whether you run an ecommerce or physical store, we give you the tools you need to manage and grow your business

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Understanding How a 3PL Can Benefit Your Business

Running a business can seem like a huge task, even more so when handling everything yourself.…

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