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US Prep Services Business Solution Using Advance Technologies And Strategies To Help Small And Midsize Businesses Grow!

By having experience of marketplaces, we do understand the need and pain of our customers go through, and our goal is to eliminate that, so they can focus on growing their business and we handle the rest.

We provide seamless automated 3PL services for all their needs, where they can see what the status of their order and inventory is.

We are a climate-controlled warehouse so your products will not get damaged with temperature change. Being in the Midwest your products are in the heart of the country and close to all type of transportation, whether you are getting products imported or exported. Shipping within the country also gets delivered quickly.

How Did We Start ?

We started Amazon fulfillment service to solve a problem we saw when selling on the marketplace for years, not even on the top 100 sales. After countless hours working on the research, talking to other sellers, interviewing fulfillment centers, and so much more, we realized how difficult it is for us to get the products prepped and shipped to amazon or any other marketplace.

We understand all the issues you might face while selling your products online – the uncertainty of receiving, packing, and shipping your products to marketplaces across the country.

About company

The Best In Transit. US Prep Services has been in the business for a decade as an experienced online merchant that understands customers’ needs and provides a helping hand whenever needed. We provide customized solutions to your shipping needs, including next-day, two-day, or ground delivery.

Exceptional customer service, packaging, and the lowest shipping rates are at the heart of our mission. We take your shipments seriously because we know they are important. We are passionate about delivering your brand promise as you expect it to be: in time, safe and secure. We have developed strict processes and policies to deliver your brand promise.

We are on a mission to make life easier for SMB online businesses by processing the complex parts of the business that they have no time or patience for. We have put together a wide range of tools to enable SMBs to run their business easily by taking over their tasks that take time and slow down their growth. We have spent years building processes to manage the different marketplaces with their specific demands.

We Are 30 Minutes Away From Amazon's Chicago Fulfilment Center MDW2. Our Location Is Also Close To:

We Make HardWork Simple

We are here to help you get your product to the top of Amazon. Get more sales by using a warehouse closer to your customer and reduce loss due to transit. Stop wasting Money on storage and shipping by using our fulfillment service. Become a successful seller and get paid faster using our inventory provisioning service. We have all the amazon strategies, techniques, and software at your disposal to make a successful business as an amazon seller on any of your desired product lines

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