US Prep Services - FBA, FBM, 3PL, D2C Rates

The processing time of the goods is from 1 to 3 working days – from the moment of receipt of the goods

Monthly Charges Prices Comments Additional Info
Storage per pallet - 40x48x55
Anything larger will be an additional cost
Storage per pallet (over 6 months)
Mixed pallet storage
FBA Pepping Services Prices Comments Additional Info
Item labeling per-item
Minimum of one mix pallet storage will be charged if shipping labels are not provided within 3 days of informing provided to customer of product being ready.
Bundle and labeling per-bundle
Up to 2 Items, each additional item will incur $0.25
Carton forwarding
Per Carton
Shrink wrapping per-item
Bubble wrapping per-item
Return order processing per-unit
Product inspection per-unit
If requested.
FBM/D2C Services Prices Comments
Handling per-item up to 300 shipments. Discounts available for shipments over 300 a month
Standard Size. Includes pick, pack, ship and bundling of up to 2 items, each additional item will add .25. Anything larger than the standard size will incur additional charges.
Based on shipping method
Customer provided or we can provide it as well.
Based on materials used
Other Services Prices Comments Additional Info
Palletizing (Outbound)/Pallet
Pallet unloading (Inbound)/Pallet
Inbound carton handling
Outbound carton handling
Container unloading 20 foot + palletizing
Container unloading 40 foot + palletizing
Serial number collection
Lot number collection
Outbound small parcel boxes
Medium box $2.00, Large Box $3.00.
Pictures/per item
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